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Joshua Morris

Lead Consultant

(850) 889-5879

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My Team

Hi! What can I say, I absolutely LOVE being a Scentsy Consultant! I have a great team with people from all walks of life. We've created an awesome support system for all of our "Scentsy brothers & sisters!" We support eachother like a true family.   On our team, no matter how new or how long you've been a rep, you never feel like your question is too dumb to ask.  I encourage everyone to share and help out.  We also LOVE to do fun things like training videos, calls, incentives, and much more!   It's hard to call it 'selling' when we make it this fun!!!  Join my team today, and have the time of your life, with the support you deserve!  Becoming a Scentsy Family Consultant has been the best decision I've ever made!



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  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!
  • Don't miss this egg-stra special deal!

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